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Datasheets: PowerVision  |  PowerSpandrel  |  PowerDuo  |  PowerFrit

Solaria PowerView™ (Building Solutions) - Architectural Glass that allows uniform view while generating solar power.

Leveraging its unique technology, certified products and automated, high volume manufacturing line, Solaria’s building solutions address the mainstream market requirements for building integrated photovoltaic (BIPV) solar windows. Combining attractive aesthetics and compelling economics, building owners and developers can now turn facades into generating assets. Solaria-BIPV products and manufacturing technologies are designed to provide high level of customization for applications including skylights, windows, facades, and architectural structures:

1. Economics: 
Typical project paybacks of less than three years and low incremental project cost

2. Attractive Aesthetics: 
Transparent architectural glass optimizing effective daylighting and glare control

3. Energy Efficiency: 
Integration with latest coating and IGU technologies to achieve low SHGC and U-Value

4. Higher Energy Yield: 
Leverages c-Si PV cells for high power density and durability

5. Design Flexibility and Custom Configurations:
Variety of sizes, glass types, coatings, Vlt and electrical parameters

6. Durability and Reliability:
Designed to meet 25 years of PV performance

7. Sustainability:
Eligibility for LEED point in energy efficiency savings, daylighting, renewable generation and innovation

8. Bird Safety:
Patterned to mitigate bird collisions

9. Enables Higher Glass to Wall Ratio:
Enhanced thermal performance allows more glass to be incorporated into the structure


Solaria PowerView™:  A series of customized BIPV power generating solutions for vertical and horizontal building facades

  • PowerVision™ – architectural glass combining clear and uniform vision with effective daylighting, glare control, efficient thermal performance and energy generation

  •  PowerFrit™ – turns ceramic printing on glass into active frit solutions for a variety of applications

  • PowerSpandrel™ – architecturally appealing, high power density, opaque solutions for spandrel applications

  • PowerDuo™ – bifacial solar solution activating both sides of the module and boosting system performance by up to 20% 

  • Solaria SMART BIPV™ Ready – Solaria’s value-add solutions support smart consumption, lighting, shading and HVAC controls through electricity-generating building skins that interact with smart devices to enable intelligent and connected building systems  

Industry leaders in building and construction are installing Solaria’s Building Integrated Photovoltaic products around the world.  Our dedicated, multidisciplinary project team is eager to provide the utmost service.