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Solaria Module Series
Solaria Frameless Modules

Solaria’s high efficiency modules offer industry leading costs with the reliability and performance of traditional crystalline solar modules. Solaria modules are designed specifically for tracking systems, with form factor, mounting system and installation processes optimized for efficiency and reliability. Solaria uses only proven, UL‐listed materials that are standard in the PV industry, thereby eliminating risks associated with new materials. Solaria modules are CSA certified to UL1703 and IEC61215 / 61730 flat plate standards.

Solaria modules are available in 270W, 275W, 280W and 285W peak ratings. The industry-standard size of 1 meter by 1.9 meters means easy, flexible installation on all standard mounting systems.

Quality and Safety
Solaria modules are tested according to UL and IEC flat plate standards by Underwriters Laboratories and TÜV. Every Solaria module undergoes rigorous in-house testing that exceeds industry standard requirements.
Standard, Proven & Reliable
Reliable crystalline silicon, strong, specially designed tempered glass along with other UL listed solar industry materials ensures that the Solaria module is exceptionally reliable and resilient.
High Efficiency Module at
Lower Cost Point
Patented cell multiplication technology pioneered by Solaria reduces silicon cell material by half – enabling lower cost at equivalent energy output in tracking applications.
Value Engineering
Solaria modules have been specifically designed for tracking applications, resulting in improved performance, greater useful strength, and reduced costs. Performance improvements occur from matching module size and electrical characteristics to the unique demands of trackers. High strength glass and other module components mean less steel and aluminum is needed for the support structures. Efficient design and engineering specific to trackers result in labor cost savings. Add this up, and Solaria modules – which already use silicon cells more efficiently – provide all the reliability, performance and predictability of silicon modules at an attractive price consistently below typical silicon modules.
25 year industry standard warranty

Product Specifications

As we expand our product portfolio, our roadmap includes high-efficiency modules to drive cost efficiencies at both the module and system levels.


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