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State-of-the-art equipment and a relentless pursuit for top quality product


From R&D through project development, and continuing for the entire system life cycle, Solaria has an unyielding commitment to quality and service, backed by a 25 year warranty. Solaria’s products are tested and the quality certified by international testing and certification organizations to meet or exceed the highest international standards. Solaria’s products are certified to UL1703 and IEC61215/61730 flat plate photovoltaic panel standards.

Quality Policy

At Solaria, we are committed to exceeding our customers’ expectations by being the recognized leader in providing high quality products and services. Our culture is built on our passion to innovate and solve problems through focused efforts on continual improvement in all areas of our business.

Solaria’s corporate Integrated Business Management Policy and Quality Management System (QMS) ensures quality is built in throughout all stages of the product life cycle and services. As an innovative leader in the solar industry, Solaria strives to make products that promote sustainable development while minimizing and eliminating environmental, health and safety hazards that arise from our activities.

Management Systems

Quality Management:
Solaria has received the ISO 9001:2008 certificate of registration for Quality Management System Standards in recognition of the company’s outstanding design, development and manufacture of photovoltaic modules and systems for large commercial and utility scale tracking applications.

Environmental Management:
Solaria has received ISO 14001 certification for environmental standards and regulations.

Health & Safety:
Solaria has received OHSAS 18001 certificate of registration for health and safety standards.

Our Global Service Team is dedicated to providing you with the industry’s best support.

Solaria’s Global Service Team is a dedicated, responsive organization built on the foundation of product quality. Whether you need technical specifications, installation guidance, trouble-shooting, access to other Solaria resources, partner coordination, or after-sale service, Solaria representatives are dedicated to meeting your needs and ensuring your complete satisfaction with Solaria.


Designed for quality, reliability, and performance

Solaria’s commitment to quality and performance started with the design process, long before the first module was ever built. 

We designed Solaria modules to endure way beyond standard, IEC test limits. With detailed performance modeling, accelerated aging tests, extensive test-to-failure evaluation, and a broad commitment to reliability, Solaria modules are meant to last.

Crystalline PV material – the standard for reliability

The industry standard for reliability is crystalline silicon.  Solaria only uses crystalline silicon and UL-listed solar industry materials – along with strong, specially-designed tempered glass – ensure that Solaria modules are exceptionally reliable and resilient. 

All materials used in Solaria modules are industry standard and have been in use for over 25 years in outdoor applications

We designed Solaria modules to use proven, industry-standard components – components often scaled up for maximum robustness. All materials used in the modules – such as cells, glass, EVA, and backsheets – are continuously evaluated for long-term durability.

Proprietary, High-Strength Glass Able to Withstand 4X the Impact of Other Modules

Solaria’s proprietary, high-strength glass provides Solaria modules with exceptional advantages in terms of their ability to withstand hail and other projectile-related impacts. This is particularly valuable in regions that regularly and frequently see storm activity.


Inherently reliable design

Our PV assembly is designed to take advantage of massive parallel interconnects, thereby reducing susceptibility to interconnect degradation and failures.

The multiple strips within cells, connected in parallel, also provide an inherent reliability advantage with regard to cell cracking under stress. This separation of the strips prevents the propagation of such cracks. In standard flat panel modules, cracks will continue through the entire cell, causing power loss of strings and other related complications.


Solaria modules manufactured to the highest standards.

At Solaria, we know commitment to quality and performance in design is not enough. There must also be the same commitment in manufacturing. So we use proven semiconductor process control techniques to eliminate process excursions and to ensure product quality and uniformity. Moreover, in a first in the industry, every single Solaria module is EL checked. Our process ensures that the quality and performance of our design is found in every Solaria module manufactured and that every Solaria module is built to the same exacting standards.

Extensive Testing

Our state-of-the-art analytical and test capacity includes full size environmental chambers, UV exposure, DSC, TGA, FTIR, Spectrophotometers, EL, Hot Spot, Wet Leakage, and Hi Pot – as well as mechanical testing and world class IV testers. We also have large-area outdoor testing capabilities, with a variety of trackers for full-size outdoor characterization and long-term testing. This ensures the robustness of our technology and enables us to provide feedback to our material and equipment vendors for improved product quality.

Quality, reliability, and performance validated by third parties

Certified to Industry Standards

Solaria modules are certified to UL 1703, the standard for safety of flat-plate photovoltaic modules and panels, as well as IEC 61215 and IEC 61730, the international standards for the safety and performance of photovoltaic module design.

Not only are Solaria® modules are designed to meet and exceed these standards, but the materials we use are carefully selected to withstand the environmental conditions they’ll be subjected to. Further, our products are rigorously evaluated for a diverse set of accelerated, combined environments that more closely reflect actual application. This includes accelerated UV and heated humidity testing. In fact, a number of our customers regularly submit our technology to such rigorous testing with no effect on the performance or quality of our modules.

Third Party Validation

Solaria’s products are also tested and certified by the most prominent international testing and certification bodies. They meet or exceed the highest international standards. Solaria’s module performance and reliability has been tested and validated by:

  • Sandia National Labs
  • PI Berlin
  • PV Evolution Labs
  • Ben Gurion National Solar Energy Center
  • Ciemat
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Field Tested

Solaria modules have been specifically designed and optimized for tracking applications, resulting in improved performance, greater useful strength, and reduced costs. Performance improvements occur from matching module size and electrical characteristics to the unique demands of trackers. Efficient design and system engineering specific to trackers result in balance of systems cost savings.

Solaria modules are continually field tested around the globe, with installations on various solar trackers by prominent solar developers, integrators and utilities in both the United States and Europe.