Solaria employees in solar panel manufacturing facility

Our unique cell multiplication technology leverages semiconductor- and optics-industry expertise to multiply the energy yield of silicon material.

Solaria’s technology employs only proven materials that are standard in the solar industry today, but brings the cost down by delivering the same performance using less silicon.

Technology Certifications

Our Manufacturing Process

We start with standard crystalline silicon solar cells. Using advanced semiconductor manufacturing processes, the cells are singulated into strips, packaged, and attached to an optical front cover.


Patent Position
Solaria has over 50 granted patents worldwide.
Solaria was awarded a grant from the National Renewable Energy Laboratories to support development of a low concentration module.
Solaria modules have UL 1703, IEC 61215 and IEC 61730 certification.
Cell construction of Solaria solar cell


Kevin Gibson

“Because our technology draws on existing science, any improvement in standard cells—efficiency, thickness, silicon cost—directly amplifies the benefits of our platform.”

Kevin Gibson
Chief Technology Officer