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NEXTracker – Optimized Tracking Systems

Solaria offers optimized system solutions to provide the best performance and lowest cost across a wide variety of site location and conditions. The NEXTracker horizontal tracking system is a ground mounted system designed for large commercial and utility customers that combines solar modules, trackers and expert design services to deliver one of the lowest levelized cost of electricity (LCOE) on the market.

The NEXTracker120 is a ground-mounted, horizontal single-axis tracker that enhances PV energy production while reducing design, installation and operating costs. It answers the call for cost-effective, clean energy generation at utility scale. The tracker’s smart use of materials, ease of procurement, installation, and engineered reliability makes it a highly robust and cost-effective choice to maximize the ROI of solar project.

Simple, Modular Design

The NEXTracker120 features innovative use of pre-fabricated assemblies and standardized off-the-shelf parts. The tracker design features the lowest weight (kg/MW) among trackers of its kind. The design of the NEXTracker120 is modular, with only 3 part numbers for multiple pre-defined wind configurations. This eliminates the high costs and logistical difficulties of custom parts and improves quality and performance.

Low Installation Costs

The NEXTracker120 optimized torque tube design reduces the required number of piers/foundations by 25-40% compared to other trackers. This significantly lowers both material and installation costs and accelerates the project schedule. The tracker design allows for a generous pier placement tolerance, while a riveted clamping system means no torque wrenches or other special tools are required. Built-in alignment guides, a low fastener count, and quick-connect assembly and wiring features (i.e., pre-fitted wiring harnesses) further simplify the construction process. This reduces time , cost, and risk during the installation process.

Value Engineering

Independently-driven rows (versus driveshaft-linked rows typically used in other single axis horizontal trackers) offer greater flexibility in system layout. Rows can be of any length and can be offset with respect to one another, enabling better utilization of irregularly shaped plots. For example, 20% more power can be incorporated onto a diamond-shaped site using the NEXTracker120 versus a tracker with perpendicular row linkages. The NEXTracker120’s unblocked rows also eliminate the need for East/West access roads, further enhancing land use.

Reliability & Performance

The NEXTracker120 horizontal tracker is engineered from the ground up for long-term reliability and performance. Its unique balanced design, with the weight of the modules perfectly balanced on the pivot point, dramatically reduces loads on the drive system. This means less wear and tear on drive gears as well as lower motor power consumption. An optimized torque tube design eliminates helical twist along rows, improving accuracy. A wide range of motion coupled with customizable backtracking algorithms ensures maximum performance, resulting in 2-3% higher energy yield compared to other system designs.

The tracker control electronics easily integrate with existing DAS/SCADA systems for ongoing performance monitoring. Distributed control and actuation allows for greater reliability and uptime. Targeted maintenance and cleaning can be performed without disabling the whole installation.

Industry-Leading Expertise

Solaria’s highly experienced team provides exceptional value throughout the design and construction phases, helping to reduce execution risk and achieve a successful project completion:

  • An expert design and projects team with deep design and execution experience
  • Third party engineering review, structural testing and drawings

Solaria Trackers

Solaria STS Tracker - Horizontal


The Solaria NEXTracker120 is a ground mounted system specifically designed for large commercial and utility scale projects. The tracking system supports standard crystalline modules, including 60 and 72 cell modules with 1000V maximum system voltage to improve system performance, and reduce balance of system costs. [Specs...]

Solaria STS Tracker - Horizontal STS-AZ AzimuthTracking System

The Solaria STS-AZ Azimuth Tracking System is a single vertical-axis tracking system that features high energy yield, and low installation and operating costs. Each tracker is equipped with 20 Solaria modules, and up to 150 trackers are supported by one controller. [Specs...]

Solaria NEXTracker120 Benefits

Up to 30% Higher Energy Yield
Proven higher energy yield than conventional fixed tilt systems.
rapid installation
Easy mechanical installation with no field welding required.
Low Installation Costs

Low profile design uses less structural steel and foundation materials, significantly reducing costs and environmental impacts.

optimized system performance

Tracking algorithms and array layout optimized for maximum energy yield at each site location by design support team.

Low Operating Costs

Maintenance-free drive unit, small number of moving parts, and weather-resistant materials significantly reduce system operating expenses.

Robust Construction

Steel construction developed and patented for high stresses. Covered by a 10-year warranty with a 20 year option.

durable drive unit

Drive unit proven to operate with high reliability in harsh industrial environments. Extremely low loads on drive system due to unique balanced system..

sophisticated Control system

Maximum uptime and performance with error-free calculations of sun position, positioning management to minimize soiling, and real-time diagnostics and monitoring at individual tracker level.

Solaria STS-AZ Azimuth Tracker Benefits

Up to 30% Higher Energy Yield
Proven higher energy yield than conventional fixed tilt and horizontal tracking systems.
Optimized System Performance
Array layout optimized for site location and maximum energy yield by design support team.
Low Installation Costs
Single vertical post per tracker means that system can be installed on uneven terrain, significantly reducing site preparation costs.
Complete Stability
Structurally certified to withstand wind loads of 90 mph (145 km/h) in all directions; no wind stowing required.
Maintenance-free, Robust Drive Unit
Drive unit designed for heavy loads and proven in an industrial environment. Covered by 5-year warranty with a 10 year option.
Robust Construction
Steel construction developed and patented for high stresses. Covered by a 10-year warranty with a 20 year option.
Rapid Installation
Easy mechanical installation with no field welding required.
Intelligent Control Equipment
Autonomous controller means 100% control precision. Only one controller required for every 750kW for greater reliability.

Design Services

Preliminary System Design Energy Yield

BOS Cost

  • Performance optimization
  • Design for lowest cost
  • Design for safety
  • Multiple climate data sources
  • Sophisticated statistical models
  • Refined based on field results
  • Leverages 1GW of
    installation experience
  • Probability-weighted
    estimates upside/downside

Solaria’s experienced team, with a track record that extends worldwide and includes many of the largest tracking PV installations ever built, is involved with every Solaria tracker installation to ensure a successful project. This process starts with a location-based system performance estimate. The next step is an array layout that is optimized to the site and energy production requirements. Cost guidance and functional specifications for the balance of system are then developed. Finally, onsite installation oversight ensures that the system achieves maximum energy production.

Design services included with a Solaria Tracking System:

  • Energy yield report, using PVSyst and/or Solaria’s proprietary simulation software.
  • Preliminary array layout optimized to the site and energy production requirements.
  • AutoCAD DWG files of the array based on aerial imagery and preliminary site information
  • Foundation design guidance based upon site soil conditions and topography
  • Performance monitoring equipment guidelines
  • Capex costing guidance for the balance of system
  • Onsite technical support during installation

More Information:

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Solaria Tracking Solar Electric Systems


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