Solaria PowerXT AC Panel


A pre-engineered system to maximize performance and optimize cost-effectiveness. 

Solaria has partnered with Enphase, using the latest AC microinverter, the smart grid-ready IQ 7+ ACM Micro™ to create the next level of solar that unites intelligence, power, and aesthetics. The Solaria PowerXT AC is a pre-engineered AC panel system solution,  pairing a high-performance, Pure Black™ panel with a best-of-breed microinverter.


Best value for the homeowner. With the high performance Enphase IQ7+ integrated into the Solaria panel, the PowerXT AC is one of the highest power and most efficient AC panels available. The high-performance IQ Micros increase energy harvest from PV panels while lowering system cost for installers.

Lower System Costs. Optimized design simplifies the installation and is faster to install. The junction box is laid out for quick installation of microinverters, while keeping it out of the way of hardware avoiding the headaches caused by traditional panels.


  • Pre-engineered for maximum shade tolerance and energy yield

  • Best value for kWhr produced

  • Single 25-year Warranty with active system monitoring

  • More Reliable: Fewer Components

  • Simple Installation; less field wirin

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