Join us in accelerating the adoption of solar energy

If you want to do well while doing good, join Solaria’s quest to build and sell the finest and most innovative high-efficiency silicon solar panels on the market. Solaria’s breakthrough technology, protected by an extensive IP portfolio for materials, processes, applications, products, manufacturing automation, and equipment, unlocks the potential of solar, maximizing energy production while looking great. Come join our team and turn your passion for renewable energy into an exciting career!

Current Open Positions:

Logistics and Inventory Control Manager – Fremont, CA

Solaria wants all of its candidates to be safe from on-line scams. No position will be posted on any third party site that is not also posted on this Careers page. Candidates should submit responses to postings to, and candidates will only be reached out to via a verifiable Solaria e-mail address. Please call (510) 270-2507 should you have any concerns regarding a posting.