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Achieving up to 20% efficiency, Solaria PowerXT® solar panels are one of the highest power panels in the residential solar market.

Actual Solaria PowerXT Installation

Actual Solaria PowerXT Installation

Rendering of Installation with Traditional Panels

Rendering of Installation with Traditional Panels


• Higher energy output
• Better economics
• Superior shading performance


• Pure Black™ design
• No visible circuitry|
• Better curb appeal


• Fewer failure points
• Certified quality
• Industry leading 25-year warranty

Optimized for Maximum Energy Output 

Engineered to maximize energy production, Solaria PowerXT® panels consistently set industry standards for reliability and durability


Solaria PowerXT® Residential Products

  • Higher Efficiency, Higher Power: PowerXT panels achieve higher efficiency over conventional panels, making Solaria panels one of the highest power panels available

  • Lower System Costs: Higher efficiency panels produce more power per square meter area, reducing the number of panels, balance of system components, and installation labor

  • Improved Shading Tolerance: Sub-strings are interconnected in parallel, dramatically lowering the shading losses and increasing energy yield

  • Durability and Reliability: Ribbon-less, solder-free cell-to-cell connections increase reliability and are designed to exceed the 25-year warranty

Designed for High

Traditional panels are made with surface areas that interrupt the capture of solar energy. Not the case with PowerXT. We designed a patented cell cutting and advanced interconnect process to pack more power and reduce inactive space between cells, while eliminating common failure points.

Engineered for High Performance

Solaria’s innovative solar cell technology significantly boosts power and panel efficiency using a groundbreaking engineering design to maximize energy output.



Solaria PowerXT AC Panel

Taking solar to a new level. Solaria has created the next level of solar that unites intelligence, power, and aesthetics. We’ve pre-engineered an AC Panel system solution pairing our high-performance panel with a best-of-breed microinverter.

Partnering with the best. Solaria has partnered with Enphase, using its latest AC microinverter, the smart grid-ready IQ 7+ ACM Micro™.

Best value for the homeowner. With the high performance Enphase IQ7+ integrated into our panel, the PowerXT AC is one of the highest power and most efficient AC panels available.

Fast to install. We’ve optimized the design to simplify the installation and reduce install time. The junction box is laid out for quick installation of microinverters, while keeping it out of the way of hardware avoiding the headaches caused by traditional panels.


The Enphase IQ 7+ for AC Panels

Designed for AC Panel (ACM) applications, the smart grid-ready Enphase IQ 7+ ACM Micro™ is built on the latest microinverter technology from Enphase. The high-performance IQ Micros increase energy harvest from PV panels while lowering system cost for installers.

• Max Output Power: 295 VA
• MPPT Range: 27-45 V
• 97.5% CEC Efficiency