Solaria’s technology and business model create an opportunity for mutual success in the burgeoning architectural solar market for BIPV applications. Partners across the value chain are ensuring that our production is scaling, adoption of our technology is accelerating, and that our collective benefits are reaching the widest possible population across the globe.


Asahi Glass Company (AGC), a world leader in glass production has partnered with Solaria to bring an AGC Sudare, powered-by-Solaria, BIPV solution to the market.  It is commercially available across Japan and South East Asia for use in building facades and other structural elements.  AGC engaged in a relationship with Solaria to develop a new product series to answer the demand for sustainable alternatives to traditional architectural glass materials. 

BAGS, Inc.
Bagatelos Architectural Glass Systems Inc. (BAGS) manufactures and installs large curtain wall projects in the Western U.S.

BISEM Inc., a leader in powered building envelopes, is a state-of the-art Net Zero Energy manufacturing facility. Nick Bagatelos has assembled and integrated a comprehensive set of sustainable façade options, required to achieve a Net Zero Energy Building and currently serves on Solaria’s Advisory Council.

Linel Architectural Glass & Metal Solutions
For decades, Linel has been an industry leader in custom architectural glass and metal products.  Linel has build a reputation for designing and delivering high-performance products to meet the most creative designs and demanding specifications.  In addition to typical rooftop photovoltaic systems and louver photovoltaic systems, Linel now offers architects the use of building integrated photovoltaic glazing systems, powered-by-Solaria.

Pilkington, an NSG Group Company
Nippon Sheet Glass Group,  the owner of the Pilkington brand, and one of the world’s largest glass producers, and Solaria are collaborating to manufacture and produce BIPV solutions for the European market, with plans to expand to the Middle East and beyond. This new   Pilkington SunPlus  ™BIPV Powered-by-Solaria solution extends NSG’s product line into solar architectural glass by incorporating Solaria’s PowerView® technologies as part of an OEM relationship.  The two companies will collaborate further to offer additional products including active frit solutions, high power density spandrel glass and a bifacial solar solution.  Establishing a supply chain signifies that BIPV is commercially ready for mainstream adoption.

Through a strategic collaboration, Solaria and Soliculture have combined their technologies to create PV solutions for greenhouse applications that allow growers to generate revenue on the existing footprint of their greenhouses without compromising agricultural productivity. Soliculture is a provider of Greenhouse Integrated Photovoltaics (GIPV) for commercial greenhouse growers. Its wavelength selective greenhouse panels simultaneously enhance light quality onto plants while generating power above them.

Walters & Wolf
Walters & Wolf, a full service building façade provider, and Solaria are collaborating to manufacture and market a Walters & Wolf BIPV façade system, powered-by-Solaria. Construction companies and building developers can incorporate architectural solar into new projects with confidence from a veteran building envelope provider. Walters & Wolf offers design, engineering, fabrication, and installation services, while providing the confidence of supply chain reliability, technical excellence and warranty security. This addresses the construction industry's requirements for embracing architectural solar and enables the high volume scalability of BIPV in commercial and NZE applications. Read Walters & Wolf's article, "The Dawn of Architectural Solar" for more information.


Industry Partnerships

Providing our customers and clients complete, best of breed and global solutions requires a system approach. Solaria is privileged to be partnering with multitude of technology, product and service companies around the world.

American Institute of Architects (AIA)
The AIA is a community of nearly 88,000 members and 250 chapters worldwide.  Its mission is to drive positive change through the power of design by empowering architects and design professionals to do their best work.  As part of the AIA’s commitment to offering resources to help its members stay at the top of their field and grow the profession, it offers continuing education opportunities.  Solaria is an AIA-approved Continuing Education Provider, licensed to conduct live presentations in New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Solaria is proud to be part of the largest source of education for the design and building industry and is currently offering two presentations - BIPV & Net Zero Energy Buildings - and - BIPV: a Cost-Effective LEED Strategy. 

Architectural Solar Association (ASA)
ASA is an advocate for product certification, standards development, education & training, legislative regulations, building & energy codes and solar architecture design specification as they relate to architectural solar including BAPV, BIPV and other solar building materials and trades. The current focus is on UL Standards, Breaking Financial Barriers and Educating the Building Industry about Architectural Solar. ASA’s goal is to transform building facades and other architectural surfaces into generating assets. The ASA Advisory Board consists of individuals representing a cross-section of the emerging architectural solar industry. Solaria joined the Advisory Board in 2016 as a founding member, and collaborates with ASA on numerous industry endeavors.

CleanFund Commercial PACE Capital
CleanFund Commercial PACE is the leading direct provider of long-term financing of Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) for energy efficiency, water conservation, renewable energy and seismic improvements to commercial, multifamily and other nonresidential properties in the U.S.  CleanFund and Solaria have formed a financing partnership to make the integration of solar technologies into the building skin more affordable. SolarPACE maximizes the availability of long-term incentives to developers who implement architectural solar into commercial projects.  With terms up to 30 years, it can solve most credit challenges in commercial solar project financing.  SolarPACE enables building owners and developers to stay within project budgets and lower overall project costs without having to compromise on sustainability goals such as net zero energy. Review project economics with the SolarPACE calculator to ensure the best financing solution for your project.

Point Energy Innovations
Point Energy Innovations is a pioneer and leader in net zero energy buildings.  They believe that building owners and developers are the decision makers that drive buildings to be more efficient, healthy and sustainable and that by working together they can make true progress towards creating fundamentally better buildings.  By creating a dialog amongst key players, owners have access to more information and can make informed decisions. Point Energy Innovations is collaborating with Solaria on their common mission: increasing momentum for NZB.  As industry partners, they provide access to the latest innovations in architectural solar and proof points to the benefits of incorporating BIPV into NZB projects.  Download Point Energy Innovations’ white paper about the options and financial case for solar power in commercial projects.

Solaria has contributed its BIPV skylight technology to Sacramento State’s Team SolarNEST, which has developed the Reflect Home as an entry in the 2015 Solar Decathalon. The Reflect Home will provide a roadmap to meeting California’s net-zero requirements mandated by 2020 without sacrificing performance or affordability.

Solmotiv Design
Solmotiv Design is a solar engineering design firm focused on providing product companies, developers, architects and building engineers, project and product based solar development services. Their services encompass architectural design, and electrical and structural integration of solar technologies.  At the confluence of the building and solar industries their extensive design and integration background in architectural solar technologies is unparalleled. Solmotiv Design works closely with Solaria to design custom integration strategies of the Solaria architectural product line.

Urban Land Institute Greenprint Center for Building Performance
Solaria was selected by the ULI Greenprint Center for Building Performance as an Innovation Partner and collaborates with the group to share the latest building efficiency strategies and best practices with building owners to help transform the environmental performance of buildings. The organization represents a worldwide alliance of leading real estate owners, investors and financial institutions committed to improving energy efficiency and reducing carbon emissions across the global property industry.