History of PV Innovation


Solaria’s initial technology expertise was in the development of  low-concentration-photovoltaics (LCPV).  Solaria’s products and technologies were field-tested, certified and productized, with over 30 mega-watts installed in demanding, utility-grade, ground mounted deployments around the world.  Solaria became synonymous with field-tested, high quality, durable, high performance LCPV combined with innovative solar tracking arrays.


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As part of its utility solution, Solaria developed NEXTracker, answering the growing market need for highly integrated and cost-effective tracking systems.  Leveraging its depth and breadth in the system domain, NEXTracker was spun-out. Within a year, NEXTracker became the leading independent provider of tracking systems and grew one hundred fold. A year later, Flextronics acquired it for $335M, and it continues the same growth trajectory. 


Elettra Energy Power Plant

Location: Pontinia, Italy
Online Since: April 2011
Application Type: Commercial
Installation Type: Mecasolar Dual Axis Tracker
System Capacity: 585 kWp


Orta Nova Power Plant

Location: Puglia, Italy
Online Since: March 2012
System Type: Commercial
Installation Type: Single Axis Horizontal Tracking System by Convert Italia
System Capacity: 2 MWp


White Sands Missile Range Power Plant

Location: White Sands Missile Range, New Mexico
Online Since: December 2012
System Type: Government
Installation Type: Azimuth Tracking System
System Capacity: 4,115 kWp


Red Bluff Power Plant

Location: Red Bluff, California
Online Since: March 2012
System Type: Education
Installation Type: Dual Axis Tracking System
System Capacity: 440 kWp