Senior PV Engineer – Test and Performance


This is a fantastic opportunity to join a team that is creating new solutions in a leading technology environment in a rapidly growing industry. Our PV Engineers are putting their passion for solar technology to real world use. This position is based in Fremont, CA and reports to the SVP of Engineering.


  • Modelling and simulation of solar cells, strings, solar panels, balance of system components, and systems. Validation of modeling results through indoor and outdoor test and characterization

  • Develop simulation models and identify or develop simulation tools. Develop test and characterization plans and techniques

  • Review, test, and approve module level power electronics

  • Review, test and approve PV mounting systems based on modeling, simulation, and loading test results

  • Test and characterize cells, strings, panels, and systems for performance

  • Set up and monitor outdoor test sites

  • Acquire, develop, operate and maintain test and characterization equipment

  • Prepare and present reports and papers based on test characterization results

  • Analyze large sets of data, synthesize information, and devise & implement solutions

  • Qualify and establish and maintain relationships with testing labs

  • Research and keep abreast of advances in solar technology and testing, perform role as in-house expert on solar performance


  • M.S. degree in Electrical Engineering or related field

  • 5 or more years of direct experience in PV engineering including testing, characterization, system design, and installation

  • Direct experience of performance and characterization of systems with panel level electronics such as optimizers or micro-inverters

  • Direct experience device simulation, circuit simulation, and system simulation tools

  • Experience of PV system design, racking, and installation

  • Experience of data analytics

  • Excellent attention to detail and troubleshooting skills Excellent written and oral communication skills

  • Team-player who works well as an individual contributor. Proven success in fast-paced and collaborative work environments

  • Passion for solar is always a plus

Applying for this position

To apply, please send your resume and a cover letter to